Sunday, January 16, 2011

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As for "Stormy Weather" (Lena Horne, 1943)
the east is free of it, for one more day, until...
"The Iceman Cometh" (Eugene O'Neill, 1939)

6:30 PM Sunday 1/16/2011 Today's Lead Story: Freeze warnings have expired in the South for now, while a new storm system has begun rolling across the northern Gulf coast. Snow willl continue mountains of Washington, Idaho and Western Montana. The Northern Rockies should expect have a mix of precipitation type due to warm air advecting over the lower-level cold air. The plains of Eastern Montana, Northeastern Wyoming, and into the Western Dakotas will experience snow mixed with periods sleet and/or freezing rain as evidenced by the latest NWS advisory map.

THE ICEMAN COMETH While the Eastern U.S. is in a brief pattern of calm, we are watching the next system to affect the country, in the Monday to Tuesday period. It appears likely this system will produce wintry conditions from late on Martin Luther King Day until at least the early-morning hours of Tuesday. A condition known as "cold-air damming" will play an important role in the type, and especially duration, of precipitation many areas receive Monday. For the Mid-Atlantic, icy conditions could continue later than expected. Our Winter Stormcast Team is reviewing current data, and details will posted in the Winter Stormcast Zone as well as in facebook forecast centers and our new Twitter feeds.  (Forecast Advisors Lear and Foot)

SITE & TWITTER UPDATES New Twitter feeds are launched in all our facebook forecast centers, from the Mid-Atlantic to the Ohio Valley and Southeast. We will post a combined list of all Twitters, but the URL format is: Our gratitude to Web Team Specialist/Forecaster Nick Scirico, senior in Meteorology at North Carolina State for this innovative new feature!