Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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June is bustin' out all over:
Tropical & Severe Threats Today

2:05 PM EDT 6/1/2011To quote this famous song from the time-honored Rodgers & Hammerstein musical Carousel, the 2011 Hurricane Season has arrived in timely style. The National Hurricane Center has identified a developing surface low pressure system, listed as "Invest 93L", off the Georgia - Carolina coast a low (20%) probability of becoming a tropical cyclone.
TRACK AND IMPACTS: Lead Forecaster Matt Bolton in Central Florida is keeping watch in facebook on the western moving energy of the system as it bisects the state. The westward motion is due to clockwise air flow from the high pressure system over the Eastern U.S. The Florida coast from Jacksonsville south to Cape Canaveral  will receive strong gusty winds,  heavy downpours. and increased swells along the coast from eastern Florida to Georgia. and Our multi-state Tropical Team will continue to monitor NHC advisories and the potential for what this system  could do upon reaching the Gulf of Mexico. Rapid updates are posted in our Tropical Zone on facebook.                                         ANALYSIS: The system is moving into an environment which could lead to  restrengthening once over the Gulf. Current observations from a tropical analysis system called CIMSS show upper level "divergence" (a measure of air movement away from a location) at higher values near the area of central dense overcast. Upper level divergence and anticyclonic flow is crucial for a tropical cyclone to retain in order to create the "exhaust" mechanism  to complement that converging air at the circulation center. (Forecaster Foot and the Tropical Team).
SEVERE WEATHER THREAT: MID-ATLANTIC  11:34 AM 6/1/11: While near record heat continues to dominate the Mid Atlantic region today, our team is keeping a close watch on the potential for scattered strong to severe thunderstorms later today. Although the atmosphere is extremely unstable, weak wind shear may be the limiting factor for a widespread severe weather outbreak. Stay tuned to your local NWS Forecast Offices in the Mid-Atlantic or Mid-west regions for any watches which may be issued this afternoon. (Forecaster Jason and the Severe Weather Team)

Our Forecast Team is on the move

In between the severe weather updates, end-of-school year ceremonies and team expansion, your Foot's Forecast Team has been preparing for a busy summer of multi-state collaboration. As you can see below, we have been a tad busy. Before all the excitement kicked in this week, some members of the Maryland Team gathered at Forecaster Greg Jackson's home on Sunday 5/30 to celebrate his graduation from North Carroll High School. (L to R: Aaron Salter, Diandre Williams, Connor Meehan, Greg "Winterman" Jackson, Dakota Smith, Emily Rund, Mr. Foot).

So when will YOUR name be counted among this innovative group of students, enthusiasts and professionals? Wait too long and someone else will take that dream job you've been imagining. Before even bigger news about our team breaks in July, if you've been thinking about applying, now would be a good time. Contact Director of Team Operations Aaron Salter ( for details or visit our Application page in the left column. 

What have we been up to lately? 

A quick read on recent activities in our team - with 40 members it would be difficult to feature everyone at the same time, so in another next week we will highlight the work of those not shown here today. 

Forecaster Jason M. in Calvert County, MD has been confirmed as our Lead High School Student Coordinator for the Tropical Team, joining Meteorology student and Tropical Team Leader Daniel Ross of Georgia Tech in Atlanta.  Jason will be presenting with members of the Maryland Team at the 25th anniversary conference of the MD Emergency Management Association in Ocean City MD on Friday 6/3.

Advisor Forrest from Atlanta, GA will be enjoying lunch with Central Florida Lead Forecaster Matt Bolton and his family in the Clearwater area on Thursday afternoon. 

Forecaster Patrick Ritsko from Penn State is heading to Florida International University on June 2 for a summer internship in the Keys, and will be collaborating with Mike Mogil on Weather Camp in Miami, and coordinating with the Southeast & Tropical Teams. 

Forecaster Dakota Smith from Penn State is heading to the marshes of Southwest Louisiana for a summer field internship studying climate change, soil horizons and impact on plant life. Oh the humidity! We hope you are ready for it, at least Patrick can jump in the Atlantic when it gets too hot!

Forecaster Mark Ingalls in Washington State has made some encouraging connections with government meteorologists with Environment Canada, among college students in southern Canada and broadcast meteorologists in several cities. We are also in contact with professors from universities in several provinces including British Columbia, Albert and Saskatchewan.

Affiliate Forecaster Joe Puma from metro Chicago will soon be heading to DC for an internship with NCEP, and will make an appearance at the Howard U Weather Camp-- as well as hang out with the Maryland and Capital Teams, learning how we  "frisbeecast" here in the East.

Advisor Mike Mogil from How The Weatherworks will be attending a June 30-July 1 Climate Change conference with University of Oklahoma Meteo grad and Weather Camp Instructor Greg Blumberg. A member of our MD or Capital Team may also be attending.

Forecasters Jolene Wagner of Hanover, PA and Stephanie Fritch of Harford Co, MD both with degrees is Atmospheric Science, will be part of our on-going coverage of Central PA and the 
Eastern Shore of MD and contributors in the Mid-Atlantic Severe Weather Page.

Advisor Brad Lear has been a mainstay in all of this team activity for many months, quietly making sure all the forecasters' work in Facebook is reposted on the main site. 

Advisor Mr. Foot will be joining preservice teachers and fellow graduate students from Towson University as part of a 12-day Tropical Field Ecology course in Costa Rica. Let it be know that the 
competition will soon be on between Mr. Foot, Dakota in Louisiana, Patrick and Matt in Florida and 
Daniel in Georgia to see who can record the longest period of highest humidity.

And finally... on May 13, members of our team completed a successful three-month collaborative project working with professors from Towson University to submit a $1.2 million dollar grant proposal to the National Science Foundation. Foot's Forecast is a contributing member of the grant proposal with Towson, the Shriver Center at the University of Maryland-Baltimore County, How The Weatherworks, several television stations and other corporate partners in the Maryland area. This summer, the multi-university/corporate grant team will prepare a coordinated, project-wide press release announcing the full partnership.