Sunday, July 10, 2011

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"Hot town, summer in the city"
- Lyrics from the Lovin' Spoonful 1966 single 

5:30 PM EDT Tuesday 7/12/2011  Twenty-three, count 'em 23 states are under Heat Advisories or Warnings, due to dangerously hot conditions caused by a stagnant high pressure ridge over the central U.S. We expect this ridge to persist for much of the week. Temperatures near or over 100 degrees in numerous states, with dewpoints in the 70's, will send daily heat indices into the 110's for many areas, as shown in the Heat Index Chart below. As a result, the NWS advisory map has a large swath of Excessive Heat Warnings, denoted by the dark pink shown to the left. 

Perhaps the only places not qualified as a "hot town" for summer in the city may be our cooler counterparts in the Pacific Northwest, reported by Lead Forecaster Mark Ingalls of the Tri-Cities in Southeast Washington. At least some help is on the way by Wednesday for the central and Mid-south states, as an advancing area of disturbed weather on backside of the ridge will bring rain to the upper plains Wednesday, and cooler conditions to the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast by late week. 

For all those sweltering atop fried sidewalks, melting lifeguard chairs and trapped inside daycare centers...Mississippi Storm Chaser & Forecaster Vincent Webb has proof some storms brought relief to parts of the country. This video was shot in central Mississippi, where a supercell tossed out 50 mph winds as shown in this sequence. Our Central Maryland Team was also on top of a Derecho that plowed into the Mid-Atlantic last night, dropping a suspected tornado and sparking extensive comments to their facebook page.

Our East Tennessee Team, led by Forecaster Jeremy Buckles, indicates that some relief is possible by late Wednesday in the Southeast due to the slow arrival of a  frontal boundary. Lead Forecaster Mark Ingalls reports in our Pacific Northwest forecast that a risk of severe storms will be present for part of Oregon and Montana the next two days, despite this region enjoying the coolest weather in the nation this week. Lucky guy Mark, how about you send some coolness to your colleagues back East? ;-). Even our Georgia coast forecaster Matthew M. in the Savannah, GA area reports unseasonably hot temperatures into tomorrow, with a slight cooling trend toward the weekend: See our Georgia Forecast Team.

SUMMER IS FUN, BUT HEAT IS DEADLY  This article by NOAA on Heat Safety & Awareness spells out the value of preparation and the risks of ignoring heat waves. Code Orange and Red Air Quality Alerts for many metro areas means it will be an on-going mantra all week that young children and the elderly should avoid outdoor activities and remain in a cool indoor location. Everyone else conduct would be wise to conduct any voluntary outdoor work before 10 AM or after 7 PM to avoid the hottest parts of the day. We urge all our readers to do their part in helping friends, colleagues and neighbors to remain hydrated in what can become a deadly weather pattern, despite a lack of storms. 


Welcoming Weather Campers

6:35 AM EDT Sunday 7/10/2011
The U.S. Team of Foot's Forecast is excited to welcome high schoolers from around the country to Howard University's NOAA-funded Weather Camp program. This program sponsored by the NOAA Center for Atmospheric Science, (NCAS) and the 2011 crop of students enroll today in Washington. This camp is just one member of a growing 11-site network around the U.S. in the NCAS. This second in a series of special features about the program announces fresh developments in the Foot's Forecast/Weather Camp partnership... read on for more inspiration.

Florida Forecaster Matt Bolton 
meets Al Roker at NBC Studios

Topping our "betcha didn't know" list is this news nugget that Lead Forecaster Matt Bolton of Brookville, FL of our Central Florida Zone will be attending his fourth weather camp in the past two years. Late last month, as part of his multi-state journey from Florida to the Mid-Atlantic, Matt was fortunate to visit with Al Roker at the studios of NBC Universal in Rockefeller Center. Matt is an excellent example of the dedicated students and professionals on our team: Calm, mature, focused, always a team player and consistent in his daily forecasting. For those interested in attending Weather Camp next summer, Matt has a wealth of experience in the program having been a participant at the Jackson State University Camp, the North Carolina A & T University Camp, and now Howard University.

Storm Chaser/Forecaster Vince Webb, shown below with Mr. Foot during a meeting in Colorado, served as an instructor at the June 2011 Jackson State University Weather Camp. Vince's hard work and recruiting led to our team gaining a highly qualified high school forecaster from Nashville, Tennessee. We are pleased to welcome Kelton Halbert, as featured in this video interview to the team this week, who has a life passion for Storm Chasing complemented by a mature focus on public safety and scientific analysis. Check out Kelton's excellent work on his website:

Aaron Salter, Director of U.S. Team Operations for Foot's Forecast, and a senior at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, is serving as student counselor starting today for the July 10-23 NCAS Howard University Camp in Washington. Aaron met Vince at the Howard Camp last summer and collaborates with a number of the 2010 students. He brings a depth of experience in Environmental Studies, Weather Forecasting, Public Speaking, is an avid surfer, and also oversees applications for prospective members of the team. 

Aaron is shown in the photo to the right, next to 2010 Howard Weather Camp graduate Evan Schiesser from Kenwood High School in Baltimore Co, MD during a tour of the NWS Sterling Forecast Office.

For questions on joining the team, feel welcome to "Ask Aaron" anytime: or our Fusion Outreach Director, Nikki Byers:  review the application materials at our Team Center. Our warm wishes for a great 2 weeks of camp for all the Howard participants.