Thursday, December 1, 2011

Re-defining December Fifth

2:00 PM EST 12/1/11  With sunshine in the east as a winter storm rolls over the Rockies, our team is looking toward a key date in the minds of many readers: The fifth of December. For at least 5 of the past 10 years in the Mid-Atlantic, measureable snow has occurred on or been associated with this date in some way (such as Dec 4-5, 2002). The Capital Weather Gang of the Washington Post notes in a December 2010 article that since the 1880's, climate records show 11 events delivered measureable snow to our Nation's capital on December 5.

This year, we will mark 12/5 not just with news of possible snow, but with the first public glimpse of ground-breaking redesign of the entire Foot's Forecast experience. It is our team's way of extending appreciation to the many loyal readers in our midst. We know many thousands of you have relied on us as your go-to source for weather since the founding of this organization on January 26, 2004. As 2011 begins to sunset, we open a new chapter...or rather...a new book in the history of Foot's Forecast.

THE PLAN By December 5th, we plan to provide our readers with the first look at our new local forecast zone to be housed with the globally scalable website. The site is designed to be "web filter, Mac and PC friendly" for students, educators, schools and offices. The best part is that all our forecast reports posted on the site will be instantly republished to facebook and twitter, presented in a clean interface and structured by a top-flight content management system.

Our team is grateful to the tireless work of the Web Development Team at DSoft Technology, Inc. in Colorado Springs for leading this effort.  We are proud to count them as a partner and highly recommend DSoft to our readers as an excellent resource for Web Design, Custom IT Support and even Education Training and Management Systems. 

Phase One will focus on just one zone, in Central Maryland. Other zones for all our readers will be in development and roll out in stages over the winter. All our facebook content will continue unaffected. All other content and updates on this page will continue, but under the original URL of Tabs like the Winter Stormcast Zone and other tabs for Eastern, Central, Western will continue. A link will be posted on the landing page of the new for easy access back to this site. 

FOR NETWORK SERVICE MANAGERS Our team has been closely collaborating with the DSoft Staff to assure a smooth transition and little or no surprises for you. The URL will not change much at all, so all those visiting will simply encounter a new landing page.  On Friday 12/2/11, an FAQ sheet will be available for issuance directly to Network Technicians upon request via email: send a request to

We look forward to sharing with you in the excitement of a new meaning for December 5. Whether there will be snow or not in your neighborhood, we now we can all share in the fun of marking this special day. For us, December 5 will be the day when the spirit of collaboration  took on new direction, led by the passion of engaged students and professionals driven to innovate new opportunities that advance America's competitiveness in math and science.  

From all of us at Foot's Forecast, thanks for your support and Happy December!

The U.S. Officer and Advisory Team
Rich Foot, Chairman and CEO
Keith Krichinsky, Chief Operating Officer
Brad Lear, Chief Financial Officer
Forrest Palmer, Student Outreach Advisor
Dr. Nathaniel Winstead, Research Meteorologist
H. Michael Mogil, Certified Consulting Meteorologist
Randall Hergert, Staff Meteorologist
Kevin Selle, Website Project Manager

The U.S. Leadership Team
Aaron Salter, Director of Team Operations
Nick Sirico, Southeast Systems Administrator
Diandre Williams, Director of Strategic Media
Dakota Smith, Mid-Atlantic Team Director
Daniel Ross, Southeast Team Director
Nikki Byers, Director of Forecaster Outreach
Greg Jackson, Pennsylvania Team Leader