Friday, August 3, 2012

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Glad you came by
- Our variation of lyrics in a single by the British band The Wanted

Image by Foot's Forecast Weather Graphics Team

1:55 PM EDT 8/3/12 (Forecaster Mike) - Happy Friday everyone! From the tropics to the heat to the severe weather, there's a lot of interesting weather across the country, and even across the pond over at the Olympics! Our fusion headline, "Glad You Came By" implies that that the current weather pattern is rewarding some with situations that make certain areas glad that type of weather came on by. There is even an international twist to the headline for those who are in London enjoying the games. Check the end of our post for details on new developments for our team in Europe.
  • HEAT & STORMS: Ongoing in the Plains states but things are starting to change for the better as a cold front arrives. The bad news is that as a cold front breaks through to try to cripple the heat, we have a chance for severe storms to develop.
  • DROUGHT: Despite a severe weather risk today, that along brings some good news behind that because the regions affected are in very high stages of a drought, as nearly 80% of the lower 48 states are still in drought conditions according to the NOAA Drought Monitor. 
  • TROPICS:  After a month elapsed with no organized tropical systems in the Atlantic, and relatively few in the Pacific, we are looking at some threats once again in the tropical Atlantic. The Tropical Team is keeping a very close eye on the latest analyses and statements from the NOAA National Hurricane Center (NHC), as well as a wide range of computer models. 
  • ERNESTO: As of the 2:00 PM EDT update by the NHC, the storm has maximum sustained winds of 50 mph moving to the West at a speedy 21 mph. Ernesto does have a chance to strengthen as it churns into the Caribbean across some open water. If you have interests in the Caribbean or southern Gulf of Mexico, we recommend you monitor this developing situation with us each day.

HEAT WAVE GOING STRONG - With the heat wave still ongoing in the middle of the country,  our Kansas City zone is in the line of fire once again, but the heat there is not as dangerous as across central Oklahoma!  we may have to watch out for another day of dangerous heat on Friday. Looking at the High Resolution NAM model pictured above, we have widespread areas across the central Plains, especially in Oklahoma that may be surpassing 110º. Combined with high humidity, the heat will be nearly unbearable across the region once again. 
Temps at 5 PM CDT from the High Res NAM model
SEVERE THREAT - As a cold front pulls into the Northern Plains, we are looking at a chance for severe storms to develop, fueled by the significant heat out ahead of it. While this is not the most dire drought situation across the country, people here need the rain too. The main threats are gusty winds and large hail, but we may even have to be on the lookout for some isolated tornadoes.

Image from the HPC
GO GLOBAL WITH US! Since we are currently welcoming Forecaster Aaron Taggart, a new Affiliate Forecaster from Northern Ireland, we can now take a look at what is going on across the entire world! Please visit and like his Northern Ireland Weather Forecast page for insight on weather condition in the British Isles. 

Forecaster Aaron has said that their region of the world has had a very cool and wet summer, strikingly different to what has been going on in the United States so far! There are many more exciting developments in progress with this new partnership among our U.S. and European Team - so be sure to monitor our U.S. public information page if you want to get the scoop.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

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Tropical Team Thursday 

 6:00 AM 8/2 -  Things are really starting to heat up again across the country, and even across the Atlantic. You think we're talking about the weather? Not exactly, for it is Team Thursday and today is our chance once a week to share with our readers the cool things going on all across the Foot's Forecast team. We hope these pearls of good news are an inspiration to you, and show the power of collaboration when students are given the opportunity to follow their passion and lead the way forward.

Image from the NHC

1. Tropics getting Troubling – The Atlantic has been pretty quiet for a while now giving the Tropical Team a break since Tropical Storm Debby dissipated over a month ago on June 27th! But now with the calendar change to August, the tropics are starting to heat up once again. Tropical Depression Five has winds of 35 mph and is located east of the Lesser Antilles. It is currently moving W at 21 mph. This storm has the possibility to strengthen through the next few days, so make sure to stay tuned to the Tropical Zone!

2. New Regional Directors

- The U.S. Leadership Team is pleased to announce that Forecaster Greg "Winterman" Jackson, formerly PA Team Leader, effective August 1 has been promoted to Director of the Mid-Atlantic region. 

- Forecaster Mark Ingalls, Western U.S. Outreach and International Coordinator, has been promoted to Regional Director for the Pacific Northwest, and Coordinator of our newly developing International Team. 

3. New Zones:

- On Friday we will be publicly releasing our first ever locally operated international zone. We have confirmed a new local forecaster from Belfast in Northern Ireland, Forecaster Aaron T. He currently operates a page for that region, titled "Northern IrelandWeather Forecast." Thanks to the hard work and outreach efforts over the past year, our International Coordinator Mark Ingalls found Forecaster Aaron and he is formally joining our team to spearhead a local zone effort in the British Isles.

- Southern Maryland, launched by Maryland Team Leader Nikki Byers and Forecaster Jason Mitchell, this zone will provide local forecasts for the 3-county area of Southern Maryland including St. Mary's, Charles and Calvert Counties.

- This isn't all of the announcements we have either. Make sure you check back on Friday to find out where Foot's Forecast is heading next!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

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B-B-Q Wednesday

4:00 PM EDT 8/1/12 (Forecaster Mike) – Happy August! With only a week and a half remaining until the Maryland State BBQ Bash hosted by the Downtown Bel Air Alliance of Harford County, MD, we’re going to take a look at the conditions around the country for those of you holding a backyard BBQ bash of your own this Wednesday! 

MAYBE A WET GRILL – Across portions of the east, scattered showers and thunderstorms will add some rain concerns to your outdoor grilling plans. This includes regions like Philadelphia in our Southeast Pennsylvania zone. Some of the storms could produce locally heavy rainfall across the region with highs in the mid to upper 80s across the Philadelphia metro. The good news is that no regions are expecting a washout Wednesday, but scattered showers and storms are possible.

GRILL NOT NECESSARY – The Tulsa, Oklahoma area will be looking at temperatures so hot that we may not even need a grill! Visit this latest report by Affiliate Forecaster Wesley Hicks of ConvectiveWeather in the Southern Plains, and just set your BBQ outside, and there will be no shortage of cooking heat. Temperatures across central Oklahoma will surge well above 100º and we have a chance to surpass 110º with some locales even nearing an astounding 115º! The heat is approaching dangerous levels across the region so please be cautious when you head outside across the central Plains on Wednesday.