Monday, March 31, 2014

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Welcome to Opening Week... 
and the Birdland Zone!

"Sunshine, Blue Skies... Play Ball!" Gear up Birdland, it's that time again! This will be our fourth season forecasting in the speciality zone just for O's fans who are FF reader: The Birdland Zone on Facebook. This year we are pumped as ever to meetup with readers at the ole' ball game! Our first Birdland Day at Camden Yards in Baltimore is scheduled for the Saturday April 26 game at 7:05 PM against the KC Royals.

More details on the 4/26 meet up will be coming this week at the zone in Facebook:

THE SEASON OPENER In today's 3:05 PM match against the Boston Red Sox, conditions will be even better than the epic pic from Maryland reader Gloria Bethke. 

  • Starting temperatures will be hovering right around 60 degrees. These conditions will remain relatively constant throughout the game. 
  • Expect a strong NW wind between 15-20 mph that will gradually weaken as the game progresses. 
We hope you will enjoy this long awaited taste of Spring today, what great timing to start another journey to a successful season for sports teams everywhere!

(Lead Forecaster Tyler J, Forecaster Andy and the Birdland Team)

Sunday, March 30, 2014

No foolin' around this time


11:30 AM 3/30 - "We've been down that road before, but that's over now. You keep me coming back for more..." 

If Bryan Adams were a forecaster, he might say... Baby, we know that's all that you (and we) want: A richer, more versatile website with ease of access to our local content, anywhere in the country, in as few clicks as possible. 

In short, the time has come to move beyond blogger. Here's what we hope is welcome news for you:

  • We have read and reviewed the feedback from many readers who sent in comment to our account in the past year. This includes the numerous requests for a SmartPhone app. Details on that will follow after site launch!
  • We have heard the pleas of teachers and school officials in many states who are stymied by the "Facebook Frustration" of being unable to reach our rapid updates in social media, especially during storm mode. 
  • We understand the fast pace of your lives and that of our clients. When you're on the go - and you just want "a quick weather report" or are en route to (or have moved) elsewhere and wonder if we have a zone in another state. 

Ready for a sneak peek?
Here's a look at the site while in beta form. Some features and imagery will be different for the official version.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

What happened to the "Lamb" part?

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What happened to the "Lamb" part? 
(You know... "In like a Lion..." etc?)

11:22 PM 3/29 - The latest discussions in our Severe Weather Team would leave you wondering what time of year it really is in the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest. With Winter Weather Advisories to the north, and Wind Warnings to the south, you had best buckle up for a wild night & day of weather ahead. Here's a snippet of what some forecasters have said about the wild conditions in their areas this weekend:

OHIO - Forecaster Jason Warren of our Northeast Ohio Zone reported that heavy rain for most of the day changed to snow earlier this evening.

WEST VIRGINIA - Forecaster Joseph Fitzwater of our Northern WV zone said that snow was also changing over in his area, as indicated by upper level data. 

SOUTHERN VA - Meteorologist Justin Barker, who leads several of our pages and Forecaster Nick Gilmore of Southwest Virginia reported a wide range of conditions across VA tonight. Justin was notified of pea sized hail a few miles west of his home with the front moving at 40-45 mph. He also noted that the area near Raleigh NC had tornado warnings this evening and Tornado Watches are still in effect for portions of eastern NC. Forecaster Nick stated that temperature ranges are 30 F+ between southwest VA and the Kentucky border!

Let us know how conditions are faring in your community!